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Taskmaster Shears

A must-have home tool

You will be amazed at the many uses for our multi-purpose Taskmaster Shears. Of course, they cut things. In the kitchen, use them to snip herbs, trim asparagus, cut up tortillas, trim beans, open food packages, cut cheesecloth or waxed paper, trim flowers you get the idea. In other areas of the house, they're handy for cutting cord, twine, or rope, opening packages or envelopes, and lots more. But Kershaw's Taskmaster Shears really are multi-purpose tools.

There's a built-in nutcracker, a jar opener, a bone notch (also very handy when trimming flower stems), a lid lifter, and even two screwdriver tips, one in each handle. They're great for tightening a loose screw in the kitchen cabinet without having to go to the garage to find a screwdriver.

Taskmaster Shears have one blade serrated so they can easily cut through even tough or fibrous materials. A non-slip plastic over-mold on the handles makes them comfortable to use as well. And what could make these already handy tools even handier? The blades separate for easy cleaning, then lock together easily and securely for use.

Technical Specifications

Multifunction Has multiple blades or tools, enabling it to perform multiple functions. Scallop SerrationSerrations assist in cutting through particularly tough or fibrous material, such as rope or cord. The scalloped serration offers even cutting power on both push and pull strokes and doesn't €œtear€ the material as much as other serration styles.

Additional Features

Blades separate for easy cleaning


Steel: High-quality stainless steel

Handle: Non-slip over-mold

Blade length: 3.5 in. (8.9 cm)

Overall length: 8.9 in. (22.5 cm)

Weight: 5.1 oz. (144.6 g)