Kershaw Amphibian KS1006K 1006K

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This knife could save a diver's life

If you dive, you should have a dive knife. It could save your life. More than one diver has become tangled in the increasing amount of line and net left in the ocean these days. Anyone who's ever been placed in such a situation knows what a lifesaver a good dive knife can be for quickly cutting yourself out of danger.

Those who dive in or around kelp forests understand that the possibility of getting entangled in sea kelp is another very good reason for having a sharp knife handy. Some divers have even been able to use their dive knives to free fish or marine mammals trapped in line or nets. Or, when a strong current prevents you from holding onto rocks or outcrops, a knife can be used to anchor yourself to the seabed. And of course, your dive knife can be used as an €œunderwater attention-getting device€ by knocking on the tank to catch a dive buddy's notice.

The Kershaw Amphibian is a simple, sleek dive knife. It offers all the strength of solid, corrosion-resistant 420J2 stainless steel from tip to pommel, but with a skeleton handle design to reduce weight. A co-polymer insert in the handle assures an excellent grip. The Amphibian blade is sharpened on both sides one side offers a standard edge, the other a partially serrated edge. The Amphibian comes complete with the Kershaw Diver's Sheath. The durable Kydex® sheath has a press-n-pull mechanism that secures the knife regardless of your position in the water. The included depth-compensating leg straps have adjustable quick-release buckles.


Fishing & watersports

Technical Specifications

2-Step SerrationSerrations assist in cutting through particularly tough or fibrous material, such as rope or cord. The Kershaw 2-step serration is a more aggressive style of serration. Scallop SerrationSerrations assist in cutting through particularly tough or fibrous material, such as rope or cord. The scalloped serration offers even cutting power on both push and pull strokes and doesn't €œtear€ the material as much as other serration styles. Fixed BladeThe knife does not fold closed; usually stored in a sheath or blade protector.

Additional Features

Steel: 420J2, satin finish

420J2, full-tang skeleton; glass-filled nylon, co-polymer insert

Blade length: 3.75 in. (9.5 cm)

Overall Length: 7.75 in. (19.7 cm)

Weight: 3.2 oz. (90.7 g)

Includes diver's sheath & straps