Dexter Russell Traditional 3 Piece Starter Set VB3965

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Dexter Russell Traditional 3 Piece Starter Set VB3965

Every kitchen big or small needs a set of knives to complete it. Our Starter Sets are designed to help you with the basics of cooking. This set includes a 10" Cook's Knife, an 8" Utility Knife and a 3 1/4" Paring Knife.

The chef’s knife has become popular in the kitchen due to its versatility; you can use it for almost anything with enough practice. The Serrated edge of the utility knife is perfect for cutting larger vegetables and sandwhich meats that are not quite big enough for the chef knife. The paring knife is the specialist in peeling all things fruits and vegetables.

Wooden handle knives are the most popular handle material in the world. The Traditional line of cutlery has stood the test of time and is the choice of many who appreciate the feel of a wood handle. The Traditional product line features a stainless steel blade, a high-carbon steel blade, or a proprietary DEXSTEEL blade which is the best of both worlds. Including an individually ground and honed edge for just the right flexibility and durability. Unique edge geometry ensures a long lasting blade edge, and easily restored performance every time it’s sharpened. The handles are durable and require minimal maintenance if cared for properly, these knives will last you a lifetime. There is something to be said for great American made knives that have been used since the early 1800’s. Made in USA.

  • Superior blade shape for easier slicing
  • Unique edge geometry for long lasting, easily restored performance
  • Hand honed to the ultimate edge
  • Formed handle for comfort and functionality
  • Polished Rosewood handles
  • Large brass compression rivets