Set of 3 Sandflex Multi-Purpose Flexible Abrasive Scrub Block Knife Tool Polishing Rust Remover

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Sandflex is a multi-purpose scrub block that is perfect for many jobs around the workshop and around the home.  The three different grades allow you to accomplish a variety of cleaning, scrubbing, and polishing jobs.  Sandflex is unlike any product you have ever used before. The Sandflex blocks work just like an eraser. Simply rub the block on the rust, and it will be erased. An abrasive material is contained within the rubber-like block to remove the rust.  To aid in achieving desired results, water, oil, etc may be used along with Sandflex.  Sandflex may also be shaped prior to use by simply "carving" it with a knife to the shape you need.  Because there are scrubbing grits throughout the block, you will always be assured that Sandflex will not dull or lose its scrubbing power.

Sandflex Set of 3 Hand Blocks includes (1) Fine Grit, (1) Medium Grit, (1) Coarse Grit perfect for cleaning and polishing:

Knives and tools, Sporting goods, Automotive, Gardening, Crafts, Construction, Household, Shop, Marine, Industrial, Musical Instruments, Horse hooves, Ham radio antennas, and more! 

  • Cleaning table saw tops to a smooth, silky finish
  • Bandsaw tables and jointer tables will be smoother than when you bought them
  • Clean rust and scale from chisels, carving tools and saw blades
  • Put an unbelievable shine on stainless steel kitchen sinks, pots and pans
  • Scrub soap scum and dirt from showers (ceramic only) and toilet bowls
  • Clean solid surface materials like Corian (it will even sand the joints when countertops are installed) and we could go on and on
  • Made of a solid, semi-flexible rubber compound, impregnated with abrasive
  • Dimensions: 3" x 2" x 3/4" (Each Block)

*Before using Sandflex, keep in mind: do not use on painted surfaces unless you are attempting to remove or "scuff" the existing paint; do not use on coated or plated surfaces; always test Sandflex in an inconspicuous place before using