HoldZit Boat Pack Tool Saver Stops Rust Saves Tools

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Have you ever reached for your favorite pliers and found them rusted closed? Corroded beyond recognition? Or maybe just enough surface rust to aggravate you just a bit? I think we've all experienced this atleast once. We have a solution for you boaters out there:

We've combined our two best sellers--Tool Saver and Tool Saver Jr.-- on a hard acrylic board that can be mounted to any hard surface - like the boat seat, side, gunwale, virtually anywhere in your boat with some flat surface  (includes pre-drilled mounting holes).
Keeps your tools and scent, or file, small tools... securely in one place, and tools stay protected even in the rain.
Inner absorbent padded foam liner holds your favorite lubricant, like WD-40. This cleans and lubricates your tools, keeps them rust free, and keeps them protected from the elements. 

What a great solution for a long time problem - Holdzit boat pack.