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Grab yourself Bubba Blades newest knife the "Lucky Lew" Folding Fillet

This 5" folding fillet and gutting knife features a high carbon, non-stick, titanium bonded, stainless steel blade that folds securely into the 6" Famous patented Bubba Blade "No-Slip-Grip" handle, providing ultimate knife control!



The Bubba Blade 4 Piece Fisherman's Fillet Knife Gift Package 

This Gift Set is a combination of some of Bubba Blades Best Selling fillet knives, their new Folding Fillet knife the "Lucky Lew", and the Bubba Blade Sharpener. With this great variety fillet knives you will have a hard time finding something that they can't get the job done.



Bubba Blade King Salmon Fillet Gift Set

This Bubba Blade King Salmon Fillet Gift Set Includes:

This is the perfectly configured set to fillet the King Salmon.  Adult King Salmons range in size from 24 to 36 inches.  These knives will get the job done, beautifully filleting your catch of the day with as little wasted meat as possible. Bubba's coated blades will stop your knife set from becoming rusted from saltwater, since these are both saltwater and freshwater fish.  Any Salmon fisherman would love to make this set their own.   


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